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Green-Euros Loans, moving to a carbon-free economy

Fossils are a thing of the past

Using oil in the 21st century is obsolete for many uses: for example, heating your house with oil, when the sun and the occupants do that for free. Why not light your home with candles while you're at it...

Scientists tell us that we should not extract more than 20% of known fossil reserves, so let's save oil for activities where it is truly irreplaceable (we like flying).

Replacing equipment is costly

Okay, I'll stop using fuel, I'll change my car or my boiler.

But to replace equipment that emits CO2 with a carbon-free solution, I have to borrow and that's expensive.

C’est la chaudière ou la voiture qui paye les intérêts

Great! By replacing CO2 emitting equipment with a carbon-free solution, you save a lot of €G on your CO2 Account.

It's true that my fuel boiler is old enough, and that I might consider replacing it. How about I start by asking around...

I am replacing my fuel-fired boiler

I am heated with gas, I drive a petrol or diesel car. All of this equipment emits CO2. You will also soon be able to take out €G loans to replace them and switch to « carbon free mode ».

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Because it's cheaper! Your CO2 savings pay for the interest on the loan. It's unbeatable.

And by circulating this €G currency, you are contributing to the fight against climate change. It is a strong commitment.

You make your request on our website, and we will give you an answer in principle on the website immediately. If this answer is favourable, you will deposit the necessary documents on the site.

If the application is accepted, the funds will be paid out according to your loan: either directly to the installer of your new heating system for the 'old boilers' loan, or credited directly to your CO2 Account, for a personal loan.

The €G loan is a loan like any other. It is only the currency that changes. You count in €G instead of in euros. So every month you have to pay back €G according to your loan contract, and make sure that your CO2 account is in credit.

If the CO2 Account is not your main account, you will need to make an automatic transfer from your main account so that your CO2 Account is in credit.

The duration will depend on the type of loan. For the loan to replace old oil-fired boilers, it is a one-off loan repayable in 48 monthly instalments, i.e. in 4 years.

For other loans, it is you who defines the duration of the loan according to the monthly payments you want to repay.

Depending on the type of loan chosen, you will either receive the funds in your CO2 Account, or they will be paid directly to the seller of the equipment financed.

No. But it is highly recommended, and we have developed with our partner Gavin a really cheap and collaborative insurance.

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