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A green money

A green-euro is a Euro that is backed by a reduction in CO2 emissions. In the end, that's all you need to remember.

Currency at the heart of our societies

The main point we make is that currrency is a major component of our collective lives (like culture, education, sport, philosophy ,....). Currency at the heart of our societies. We use it every day.
Finally, currency is also a marker of citizenship: its use inserts and identifies the user in a political, social and ethical community.

Thus, since currency is a pillar of our societies, a green currency, i.e. a currency detached from any fossil activity, could serve as a basis for a decarbonised economy, and facilitate the transition to this low-carbon world.

Carbon-free currency: green-euros

Green-euros work on simple principles to get out of the fossil:

1) When a household borrows to reduce its emissions (to change its car or heat boiler), it creates green-euros. For example, if a household borrows 10,000 euros to replace its oil-fired boiler, which emits an average of 6 tonnes of CO2 per year, with a heat pump that does not emit CO2, it is borrowing 10,000 green-euros.

2) One green-euro is created when a household reduces its CO2 emissions. For one ton of CO2 reduced, 44.60 green-euros are created. 44.60 green-euros is the amount defined by the carbon tax. If the carbon tax increases, the amount of green-euros created will also increase.

The green-euro therefore only exists if CO2 emission reductions are generated. It guarantees the detachment from fossil fuels.

Acting with green-euros

With green-euros, you can act now concretely and easily in two ways:

1) Direct action. You reduce your CO2 emissions, and you receive a 44.60 green-euro bonus on your CO2 account as a reward.

2) Indirect action. You use green-euros every day. By doing so you signal to everyone you talk to that you are doing something for the climate. And the more green-euros you use, the more CO2 reductions there have to be. Bingo, that's exactly what you want to do, motivate everyone, households and companies, to reduce emissions. So next step, sell your second-hand bike exclusively in green-euros :).

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