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Six reasons to offset your CO2 emissions.

The ONE PLANET voluntary carbon offsetting offer proposed by the CO2 Account is highly innovative and different from the current approach to the voluntary carbon offsetting market. On this page you will find the 6 reasons to choose carbon offsetting with CO2 Account.

A strong commercial interest

CO2 Account's carbon offsetting offer is also aimed at companies' sales departments, and not just corporate communications departments: the aim is to acquire customers or build loyalty and establish a direct commercial relationship with customers by offering them the opportunity to buy CO2 emission reductions, and to promote the Euro-Green movement. This new customer acquisition channel makes it possible to reduce customer acquisition and retention costs.

A concrete commitment: the price of carbon is an incentive for households

The CO2 Account offers households the opportunity to sell their CO2 credits at the price set by the value of the carbon tax, i.e. €44.60 per tonne of CO2 avoided. The aim is to send out a strong price signal, an effective educational tool to help people understand the urgency and economic costs of climate change. In this way, carbon offsetting with the CO2 Account represents a concrete and strong commitment to the climate.

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Clear communication to customers

The voluntary carbon offsetting commitment is displayed on the CO2 Account website for both current offers from companies that are offsetting their emissions and companies that have already offset their emissions.

The voluntary carbon offsetting commitment can also be communicated on all the company's media (email signatures, website, sales brochures, company cars, delivery lorries, etc.).

Flexible volumes: no obligation to be carbon neutral today!

CO2 Account offers to offset, each year, a quantity of CO2 calculated according to the objectives (climatic, commercial, social, etc...) of the company. For example, the company can choose to comply with the scientific objective of 450 ppm, which for France means Factor 4: each company must divide its CO2 emissions by 4 between now and 2050.

The company can also decide to offset specific emissions: a particular meeting, emissions from its deliveries, etc. .... The transition can take place over 40 years, which is much more acceptable and accessible intellectually and financially than proposing total carbon neutrality today.

Go local: Made in Europe!

CO2 Account is a voluntary offset project on French soil, with reductions made in France. This makes it possible to establish a close relationship with the households and businesses registered on CO2 Account website and to support local economic activity.

Efficacy: high return on funds paid by the offsetting company

Thanks to loans in green euros, the CO2 Account's compensation offer is the only one to offer a positive return on investment (a bit like a coefficient of performance for a heat pump).

In other words, one euro invested through the purchase of voluntary offsetting generates between 1 and 3 euros for households and businesses that have reduced their CO2 emissions, i.e. a return of 100 to 300%. This is unique in the voluntary offset market.

Of course, the price per tonne of CO2 is adjusted according to the quantity to be offset. To offset your CO2 emissions now, contact us for a quote.

Compte CO2 - Headband Illustration

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