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Making green money work for us

State currencies (fiat money)

€, $, ¥ are currencies issued and controlled by states. And there are already many of them.

So why would you want to create a new currency?

Complementary currencies

Many economic experts propose introducing complementary currencies, to stabilise economies and limit the negative effects of economic crises.

WIR currency

For example, in Switzerland, the WIR currency circulates alongside the Swiss Franc. It has brought macro-economic stability to the country since 1934.

Green money

Climate is the one issue that brings ALL countries on the planet together. Climate care with a currency is a major economic innovation with true efficiency.

Our limitations

Bringing out a new currency is never easy. It is You, it is Us, as we write in our manifesto!

Join us in the fight against climate change. Use the green-euros!

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