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The first Bank Account held in green-euros

By choosing to use a daily bank account dedicated to the climate, we can act efficiently today to save our future.

A green-euro Account and App

The CO2 Account App is an unusual bank account, as the accounts are not held in euros, but in green-euros.

A green-euro, is created each time there is a reduction in CO2 emissions. The Euro-Green is therefore backed with CO2 emission reductions.

The euro-green is a third form of the euro, complementary to the cash euro (coins or banknotes) to the scriptural euro (the writing line on your account). One euro-green is worth one euro. There is no exchange rate or speculation possible.

It is about sending a strong signal. That of a community mobilised by the climate issue. A message for everyone: our friends, our families, our governments, our financial institutions. And if there are many of us, we will be able to make sure that the Euro-Green becomes the first central bank digital currency (CBDC).

How to reduce your carbon footprint?

Compte CO2 offers you to reduce your carbon footprint on the two items whose emissions have increased since 1990, and which account for about half of our countries' emissions: emissions from your cars, and from the heating of your home.

You can start by reducing what seems easiest (buying an electric car, a bike, or a heat pump?). You can also estimate your emissions and tackle the highest item.

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