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Why are your CO2 reductions worth something?

Carrying out energy renovation work or changing the way you travel has a cost. By opening a CO2 Account, you can recoup these costs more quickly, because you can turn your CO2 emission reductions into a currency, the green-euro, or sell them to companies that offset their emissions.

Your CO2 reductions, a major source of value

The green-euros you receive on your CO2 Account have an enormous collective value, since they contribute to the fight for the survival of humanity. Thanks to the evidence you provide to justify your reductions, we can certify on the voluntary offsetting market that your efforts to combat climate change have indeed been genuine. Indeed CO2 Account is the only scheme that makes "ex-post" measurements of reductions. And these reductions are likely to be of interest to companies or organisations wishing to offset their own CO2 emissions! All that remains is to sell them.

Selling reductions to companies committed to fighting climate change

You sell your CO2 emission reductions to companies that want to voluntarily offset their emissions... by buying back your reductions! This is a new way, for example, of financing energy renovation work or changing your travel habits over the long term. Your emissions are calculated every year. Each year, if there is a further reduction compared with your reference emissions, you will again receive green-euros. You have an incentive to fight climate change over the long run.

Use Green-Euros for fast, secure transaction

You can spend your green-euros in any shop with the CO2 Card. Your CO2 Account is debited, and the shop receives euros. This conversion of green-euros to euros is made possible thanks to :

- companies offsetting their CO2 emissions: CO2 Account takes care of contacting the companies, collecting the funds and putting them on your CO2 Account. The sale of your reductions is therefore automatic,

- to users who top up their CO2 Account by buying green-euros with euros.

The green-euro to euro conversion is 1 euro to 1 euro-green. So the calculations are simple, and there's no speculation! When a household reduces its CO2 emissions by one ton, it receives 44.60 green-euros, or 44.60 euros. CO2 Account puts a real price on carbon! An effective way of fighting climate change.

In all cases, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Compte CO2 - Headband Illustration

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